Mike Grant


  • Xamarin Tips - Screenshot your Android Phone from ADB

    Having the ability to take a screenshot directly from your command prompt will save you a lot of time over the duration of a project. When I’m building an app I know I reguarly take screenshots to show features, bugs or just general UI weirdness to others and the time I lose taking it, transfering it to be emailed or shared on Teams is frustrating. A handy one liner can be used to speed this process up.

  • Automatic Dark Theme with Xamarin.Forms

    Automatic theme switching is coming to Xamarin.Forms. In Xamarin.Forms 4.6 they added a new Experimental Flag called AppTheme_Experimental.

  • Detecting Dark Mode in Xamarin.Forms

    You’ve gone to all the effort of implementing a dark (or light) theme for your latest mobile application, but your user opens the app, with their phone in dark mode, but you’re bright light theme is what’s shown, retinas have been burned!.

  • Supporting Dark Mode with Xamarin.Forms

    Dark mode is a really popular colour scheme nowadays, phones have it built into their OS’s, mainstream apps support it, (Whatsapp, Twitter). But by default your Xamarin.Forms application will be using a light theme.

  • Xamarin.Forms Navigation Events

    Ever wanted to hook into a global navigation event for Xamarin.Forms? We’ve all seen the OnAppearing and OnDisappearing events in Xamarin, but did you know that there is a global event to know when a page has been loaded?

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