• Automatic Dark Theme with Xamarin.Forms

    Automatic theme switching is coming to Xamarin.Forms. In Xamarin.Forms 4.6 they added a new Experimental Flag called AppTheme_Experimental.

  • Detecting Dark Mode in Xamarin.Forms

    You’ve gone to all the effort of implementing a dark (or light) theme for your latest mobile application, but your user opens the app, with their phone in dark mode, but you’re bright light theme is what’s shown, retinas have been burned!.

  • Supporting Dark Mode with Xamarin.Forms

    Dark mode is a really popular colour scheme nowadays, phones have it built into their OS’s, mainstream apps support it, (Whatsapp, Twitter). But by default your Xamarin.Forms application will be using a light theme.

  • Xamarin.Forms Navigation Events

    Ever wanted to hook into a global navigation event for Xamarin.Forms? We’ve all seen the OnAppearing and OnDisappearing events in Xamarin, but did you know that there is a global event to know when a page has been loaded?

  • Using Lottie for incredible animations in Xamarin.Forms

    Lottie is an extensive animation library made by AirBnB, giving you easy access to add animations to any native platform, applications or web. It simplifies the process for designers implementing their designs within a mobile application.

  • OpenFaaS and Docker BuildX

    I’ve been playing a lot with OpenFaaS lately, but one of the things that’s been annoying me about it is how slow it is to build the images on my Raspberry Pi

  • Handling Network Connectivity in Xamarin Forms

    It’s important to plan for mobile applications to be used when there is either poor mobile data / WiFi or none at all. Mobile apps will be used in a wide variety of locations where mobile data can be an issue .e.g rural areas or trains where one second you can have full 4G, and 30 seconds later have no signal at all. Handling these scenarios will greatly improve the usability of our app and hopefully lead to happier users.

  • Dockerising development tools

    As a developer I’ve built up a set of tools that we depend on to get shit done, and use them across multiple machines. I use a variety of tools both personally and professional spanning multiple languages. I then complicate it by using these tools across 4 different devices. I’ve got a work laptop (Lenovo P52), and my Surface Pro 4, Raspberry Pi 4 (Using as a desktop machine) and my Asus cloudbook (running Ubuntu). It’s handy to be able to use the same version of these tools and only have to update them once, without having to remember to update each machine. This gives me consistent features no matter which device I’m currently working on.

  • MP website analysis

    Given that websites are a useful way for MPs to brand themselves, as well as giving their constiuents an easy way to either stay up to date or get in touch with them, I thought it would be interesting to look at what kind of website platforms MPs are using.

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