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Xamarin Let’s Build - Biometric Support

3 minute read

Biometrics is a commonly seen security feature on your phone. Whether it’s fingerprint or facial recognition, you’ll see it when you log in to your bank or u...

Xamarin Let’s Build - App Themes

3 minute read

The theme of your app is what makes it stand out, fit in with your brand identity and create a lasting impression. With Xamarin.Forms it’s simple to implemen...

Automatic Dark Theme with Xamarin.Forms

1 minute read

Automatic theme switching is coming to Xamarin.Forms. In Xamarin.Forms 4.6 they added a new Experimental Flag called AppTheme_Experimental.

Detecting Dark Mode in Xamarin.Forms

1 minute read

You’ve gone to all the effort of implementing a dark (or light) theme for your latest mobile application, but your user opens the app, with their phone in da...

Supporting Dark Mode with Xamarin.Forms

2 minute read

Dark mode is a really popular colour scheme nowadays, phones have it built into their OS’s, mainstream apps support it, (Whatsapp, Twitter). But by default y...

Xamarin.Forms Navigation Events

1 minute read

Ever wanted to hook into a global navigation event for Xamarin.Forms? We’ve all seen the OnAppearing and OnDisappearing events in Xamarin, but did you know t...