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OpenFaaS and Docker BuildX

1 minute read

I’ve been playing a lot with OpenFaaS lately, but one of the things that’s been annoying me about it is how slow it is to build the images on my Raspberry Pi

Handling Network Connectivity in Xamarin Forms

2 minute read

It’s important to plan for mobile applications to be used when there is either poor mobile data / WiFi or none at all. Mobile apps will be used in a wide var...

Dockerising development tools

1 minute read

As a developer I’ve built up a set of tools that we depend on to get shit done, and use them across multiple machines. I use a variety of tools both personal...

MP website analysis

1 minute read

Given that websites are a useful way for MPs to brand themselves, as well as giving their constiuents an easy way to either stay up to date or get in touch w...