I’m not interested in ‘New Years Resolutions’. I’m not patient enough to wait for the new year to make changes in my life. But one thing that has been bugging me slightly over the holiday’s is that I’ve spent a lot of last year wanting to build more things (mainly to teach myself new things) but largely I want to get back the excitement of working on small projects with imperfect code and bugs that I can just live with.

  1. Voice Assistant control of streaming services This is a bit of a cheat, as I’ve half built this, but I’ve just never finished it
  2. AI personal assistant Probably starting small, e.g. summarizing the day ahead with relevant information
  3. SignalR based card game (Think Fluxx, Exploding Kittens etc)
  4. A Notes app with a focus on collating my terrible handwritten notes.
  5. Workout app, it’s probably time to replace my Google Sheets I’ve used for the last couple of years
  6. Choose your own adventure” game I used to love these books as a child
  7. TV/Film Recommendation Engine
  8. Browser automation tool I’ve seen a lot of RPA tools as part of my day job and I’m curious what goes into building one
  9. Democracy chatbot Help people find more information about the political situation in the UK, policies, statements, who / where to vote etc.
  10. TV/Movie Poster screensaver on my TV Maybe an extension of the recommendation engine
  11. A collation of APIs to benefit civic engagement and improvement
  12. Deprecation tracker accross repositories deprecated dotnet LTS versions etc

I’m not saying this will be the list of things that I build in 2023, but for me it’s a start. Throwing these ideas out there gives me a means to hold myself to account. The only thing that I’ll hold myself to is finishing a project a month for the year of 2023.


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