I’m Mike Grant, a Software Developer from Leicestershire, England currently working as a Lead Developer for Horwich Farrelly.

I’ve always been fascinated in what makes the world tick, from a young age everything fascinated me. Something I’ve never grown out of. I’m fascinated with the way in which mobile apps have changed the we interact with the world around us. People complete a lot of their important day-to-day tasks on their phone e.g. banking (I’ve been a Monzo user since the early days and have no choice but to use an app, which I love) to healthcare. But I’m also fascinated by the way in which things get done in the modern world.

When I’m not working, I’m quite often tinkering with my home automation setup, taking longs walks with my extra small dogs. or playing games (Xbox, Switch or classic consoles).

Want to chat? Reach out to me on twitter or drop me an email [email protected]